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Your successful research papersTo stay at the top of the class, you must ace your research paper. Most students are mediocre writers at best, so if you want to rise to the top you must gain a little more skill and knowledge in writing a fabulous research paper.

So how do you break new ground anyway? How do you add to the knowledge you’ve learned thus far about constructing a great research paper? It shouldn’t be too difficult. Study several different strategies about writing research papers and then try them to find out what works best for you and can take your writing up a level.

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Spend a lot of time and effort identifying and developing your topic. So much of the success of your paper depends on your topic! It needs to have the following traits:

Be relevant to your subject area or just pay someone to write my research paper relevant to your subject area!

Be new or unique in some aspect
Be interesting to you

Be narrow (precise) enough to cover completely in the paper

Not be so narrow that you can’t find sufficient research to back up your thesis

Your research question (thesis) should be clear. Look at it like you would a puzzle. Start the statement with “why” or “how.” You could try to identify a new trend, interesting development or the cause of something that occurred. This question required you to formulate an argument. It must go much deeper than just listing facts. It needs to describe the reasoning of why those facts exist.

Your research should be top-notch. Use primary sources and make sure everything can be verified. Don’t just find random information on the internet and expect it all to be true just because you see it in print. Only use scholarly sources and make sure you reference all of them completely and succinctly.

Make the argument you set forth to make. Remember you’re not just assembling information. You are weaving facts together so that they create an argument that answers your research question. This is vitally important and your research paper won’t succeed without doing this.

Write your paper in a professional and scholarly manner. Don’t use slang and remember who your audience is. This will help you stay in focus.